Students pursuing the Master of Arts in medieval studies at Western Michigan University come to the Medieval Institute from a variety of educational backgrounds and from throughout the United States.

Currently enrolled students

A graduate student studying in the Rawlinson Center.

A student studying in the Rawlinson Center

Medieval Institute students and friends gathered for a field trip.

Medieval Institute students and friends gathered for a field trip to the Newberry Library in Chicago

Mars Bowman 

B.A., Latin with minor in medieval studies, Western Michigan University
Interests: monster theory; gender studies; queer identities in classical and medieval literature

Matthew T. Burley

B.A., international relations and French with minor in medieval studies, State University of New York at Geneseo
Interests: female monasticism; medieval gender and sexuality; manuscript studies; digital humanities and their applications in medieval studies

Anna K. Davis

B.A., history with minors in medieval and renaissance studies and classical studies, Sweet Briar College
Interests: medieval English common women; medieval common law, focusing on criminal law; how women appear in medieval English legal documents; medieval gender and sexuality; medieval Wales

Sabrina Fernandez

B.A., English with a minor in history and certificate in premodern cultures, Florida International University
Interests: the daily lives of women in medieval society; eroticism and obscenity in medieval literature; social hierarchies; family, childhood, and marriage; gender performance and women in medieval literature; food and food exchange; medieval fashion and sumptuary laws

Alisa Heskin

B.A., chemistry with minors in biology, English, and film studies, Concordia College
Interests: Scandinavian-Celtic comparative mythology; Old Norse and Old English language and literature

Jennifer Kean

B.A., history with a minor in theology and religious studies, Rockhurst University
Interests: Medieval frontier zones; encounters between nomadic and settled societies; central Asian mythologies; childhood and family law

Aidan James Kyle

B.A., history, Loyola University of Chicago
Interests: legal development of the early middle ages; influences of Christianity and Islam in the early medieval Mediterranean world; societal transformations of western Europe after the fall of the western Roman Empire

Emily Lovett

B.A., history, New College of Florida
Interests: intellectual and cultural history of the central Middle Ages; eleventh-century papal reform; the Investiture Contest; Countess Matilda of Tuscany (c. 1046–1115); medieval gender and sexuality

Moline Mallamo

B.A., anthropology and English rhetoric and writing studies, Western Michigan University
Interests: medieval Ireland; druidical influences in the Celtic world; Irish monasticism; St. Brigid of Kildare (c. 451–525); archaeology

Kylie Owens

B.A., theatre studies–directing, Pepperdine University
Interests: religious literature with a focus on mystical texts written by women; Julian of Norwich (1342–c. 1416); medieval conception of the body in relation to gender and spirituality; theatrical expression in medieval Europe

Christine Pruden

B.A., English, George Washington University; Licence, Sciences du langage (Linguistics), Paris VII; M.A., Spanish, Western Michigan University
Interests: Medieval Spanish literature and history

Annie Spencer

B.A., English and history with minors in classics and medieval and early modern studies, University of Missouri at Kansas City
Interests: medieval French and English Arthurian works, focusing on queer and feminist readings; medieval romance and courtly literature; Anglo-Norman cultural and intellectual history; Anglo-Norman politics; Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122–1204)

Goliardic Society

Emblem of the Goliardic Society.The Goliardic Society is a social organization of the graduate students of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. The mission of the society is to facilitate camaraderie among students, faculty and friends while enhancing the academic environment and multiple opportunities of the Medieval Institute through various donations, volunteer work and scholarly activities.

If you are applying to the M.A. program and would like to be in touch with currently enrolled students, please contact us.