MDVL 1450: Medieval Voices

Image of the Battle of Rensecvals, one of the pivotal plot points of the "Song of Roman" from a medieval manuscript.MDVL 1450: Medieval Voices is an interdisciplinary course designed to let voices from the past speak to us. Readings include "Hrafnkel’s saga," the "Song of Roland," and the "Poem of the Cid"; collectively these texts speak to us about relationships such as those between people of different religions, between husbands and wives as well as lords and their men; about values such as loyalty, honor, heroism, and faith; and about aspects of culture that we take for granted today, such as medicine, education, easy means of communication and travel. The course aims to teach students to read, hear, and respond to medieval voices.

MDVL 1450 meets the requirements for Distribution Area II, Humanities, of the General Education Curriculum.