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Due to the ongoing health crisis, the 56th International Congress on Medieval Studies (2021), hosted by Western Michigan University's Medieval Institute, will be held virtually.

The 56th Congress will be live on the internet Monday through Saturday, May 10 to 15, 2021, with sessions and other activities scheduled at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 7 p.m. EDT each of the six days. Sessions in which all participants have agreed to be live recorded will be recorded, and the recordings will be made available to Congress registrants for the two following weeks, Monday through Saturday, May 17 to 29. There also will be some pre-recorded special features that will be available for viewing for the entire three-week period (May 10 to 29).

Updating your information

Please let us know if you change your address or you would like to be added to the mailing list of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. Please keep in mind that all U.S. postal addresses include either a street address or a P.O. Box number.

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Privacy statement

The Medieval Institute is committed to respecting and preserving the privacy of all attendees of the International Congress on Medieval Studies. We share your concerns for privacy, and we recognize our responsibility to make sure information you provide to us is not abused. Our purpose in collecting information is to prepare for the congress and further conduct the business of the Medieval Institute. We also gather general statistical information to monitor and improve the services we provide.

Mailing list

The Medieval Institute occasionally leases the congress mailing list to appropriate third parties such as scholarly publishers and scholarly organizations who wish to promote material of professional interest to participants in the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Mailing pieces are reviewed by the Medieval Institute before we agree to lease the list. Contact information is limited to mailing addresses; email addresses are never shared with third parties.

Choosing to opt-out

You may choose to opt-out of receiving mailings from third parties. To do so, contact us with your request.

Mailing of congress programs

Image of a United States Postal Service delivery truck.

A United States Postal Service delivery truck

The Medieval Institute sends congress programs to all U.S. addresses on its active mailing list but limits international mailing of programs (including Canada) to individuals whose names appear in the program for that year. The information contained in the printed program is available on the congress website in the months preceding the congress. When the Congress is an in-person event in Kalamazoo, those attending the congress from abroad whose names do not appear in that year's program and those with U.S. addresses not on the Medieval Institute mailing list at the time the programs are mailed receive their gratis copies upon arrival at the congress in May. 

In the United States, the congress program is dispatched to those active on the Medieval Institute's mailing list beginning in mid-February and extending to early March via the United States Postal Service either bulk mail or, for those who have paid the premium charge ($8 in 2021), Priority Mail.

Priority Mail payment

For delivery outside of the United States, the institute uses a mail service that carries the program air mail to the country of delivery and then deposits the mail in the country system.

Announcement of the call for papers

A postcard announcing the call for papers for the following year's congress is mailed in July to everyone on the Medieval Institute's active mailing list.