The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University invites proposals of sessions and of papers for the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies. We also welcome reservations of space for business meetings and receptions at the congress, and we are grateful for offers to preside over general sessions.

Organizers of approved sponsored and special sessions will find the Organizer Contract, a link to the online submission system, and instructions and information at For Session Organizers.

Session proposals

Proposals for sponsored and special sessions—including sessions of papers, panel discussions, roundtables, poster sessions, workshops, demonstrations, performances and film screenings—for the International Congress on Medieval Studies must be made by June 1 using our online submission form. Required information includes the name and contact information for a single contact person, the title(s) of proposed session(s), an indication of format(s), and a description of the importance and/or timeliness of proposed session(s). Optional fields include descriptions of encouraged methodology or discourse and plans for outreach, as well as keywords and—in the case of sponsored sessions—the naming of co-sponsoring organization(s). The Session Proposal Form for the 56th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 13-16, 2021) will be available in February.

We encourage organizers of Sponsored Sessions to consider pursuing co-sponsors for envisioned sessions. The Congress itself provides an excellent opportunity for the leadership of sponsoring organizations to seek connections with other organizations that might be interested in co-sponsoring a future session or future sessions.

The Program Committee considers the proposals in June, and would-be session organizers are informed of the committee's acceptance or rejection of sessions by post in July.

Paper proposals

A paper proposal for the International Congress on Medieval Studies comprises a single-page abstract of the proposed paper and a completed Participant Information Form (deadline: Sept. 15).

The Participant Information Form for the 56th Congress (May 13-16, 2021) will be available in July.

The call for papers for the following year's congress, which lists the sponsored and special sessions approved by the Program Committee, is available on the congress website in July. You may send a paper proposal to the contact person listed in the call for papers for a sponsored or special session or submit a proposal directly (most conveniently as two attachments, abstract and completed Participant Information Form, to a message to to the Program Committee at the Medieval Institute to be considered for inclusion in a general session (deadline: Sept. 15).

Sponsored and special sessions may be closing or closed at any point along the time-line to the Sept. 15 deadline for paper proposals. The person proposing a paper who waits until the last minute may be very disappointed. Organizers of sponsored and special sessions are required to forward proposals that are not selected to the Program Committee, so that the papers can be considered for general sessions.

Notification of acceptance and rejection of papers considered for inclusion in general sessions (those organized by the Program Committee at Western Michigan University) is made by post in December.

Reservations for business meetings and receptions

Learned societies, associations, institutions, publishers and other vendors may hold business meetings or host receptions at the congress. Arrangements are made by submitting a meeting reservation (deadline: Oct. 1).

The Meeting Reservation Form for the 56th Congress (May 13-16, 2021) will be available in July.

Those who request beverage and/or food service are contacted by the assigned caterer after the congress schedule is finalized, and payment is required in advance of the congress.

Food and beverages (including, but not limited to, alcoholic beverages) consumed at congress events on the WMU campus must be provided by WMU Catering, Fetzer Center Catering, or the Medieval Institute. Food and beverages purchased from outside vendors may not be brought into congress meeting rooms in the Goldsworth Valley dormitories, the Bernhard Center, or the Fetzer Center at any time. Should food or drink purchased outside of the Fetzer Center be brought into the Fetzer Center, it will be confiscated and left at the front desk for pick up upon departure from the building.

Offers to preside for general sessions

The Program Committee gratefully accepts offers to preside over general sessions (deadline: Oct. 1). One does not need to be delivering a paper at the congress in order to preside over a general session.

The Offer to Preside Form for the 56th Congress (May 13-16, 2021) will be available in July.