Selection Process

A program committee and two groups of contributing reviewers evaluate proposals for contributions to the academic program of the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. If you have questions about the congress, please contact the Medieval Institute.

Beginning with the 56th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 13-16, 2021), the body of contributing reviewers for sponsored and special sessions will comprise ten reviewers, five serving in the first year of 2-year terms and five serving in the second year of 2-year terms, all selected by a committee of the Board of the Medieval Institute from among self-nominated volunteers.

55th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Program committee

The program committee evaluates proposals for sponsored and special sessions and decides on their acceptance or rejection (in June). This committee also oversees the creation of general sessions (in November).

  • Robert F. Berkhofer III (Department of History)
  • Marjorie Harrington (Medieval Institute Publications)
  • Jana K. Schulman (Medieval Institute)
  • Theresa Whitaker (Medieval Institute Publications)

Contributing reviewers (sponsored and special sessions)

As a pilot program in 2020, a group of contributing reviewers evaluated proposals for sponsored and special sessions. The program committee took their assessments into consideration in the acceptance and rejection of proposed sessions.

For the 2020 congress, invitations to serve as contributing reviewers for session proposals were extended to all those who nominated themselves to serve on the working group formed in 2018 to consider changes to the selection process for sessions. Those who served as contributing reviewers were:

  • Suzanne Conklin Akbari, University of Toronto
  • Alexander Angelov, College of William and Mary
  • Jill Hamilton Clements, University of Alabama–Birmingham
  • Elena Draghici-Vasilescu, University of Oxford
  • Brad Eden, Independent Scholar
  • Shaun Hughes, Purdue University
  • Afrodesia McCannon, New York University
  • Asa Simon Mittman, California State University–Chico
  • Michael Modarelli, Walsh University
  • Yong-jin Park, Seoul National University

  • Leah Parker, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Marc Pierce, University of Texas–Austin
  • Christopher Roman, Kent State University
  • Carl Sell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Mohammadreza Shahidipak, Islamic Azad University–Central Tehran
  • David Sorenson, Allen G. Berman, Numismatist
  • Robert Stanton, Boston College
  • Larry Swain, Bemidji State University
  • Barbara Zimbalist, University of Texas–El Paso

Contributing reviewers (general sessions)

A group of contributing reviewers evaluates paper proposals for general sessions. The program committee takes their assessments into consideration in the acceptance and rejection of proposed papers.

  • Elizabeth Bradburn (Department of English)
  • Lofton L. Durham (Department of Theatre)
  • Rand Johnson (Department of World Languages and Literatures)
  • James Palmitessa (Department of History)
  • Pablo Pastrana-Pérez (Department of Spanish)
  • Susan M. B. Steuer (University Libraries)
  • Anise K. Strong (Department of History)