Published Volumes of Medieval Prosopography

Issues of "Medieval Prosopography" published by Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University are available for purchase in print or digital format. Contents of published issues are as follows.

Volume 34 (2019)

Articles by Hervin Fernández-Aceves, Francesca Petrizzo, Heather Tanner, Michael Peixoto, Elizabeth A. R. Brown, Laura M. Wood, Christian Raffensperger; book reviews.

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Volume 33 (2018)

Special Issue: "Those Who Worked, Those Who Fought, and Those Who Prayed, in Honor of Joel T. Rosenthal." Articles by Constance A H Berman, Charlotte Newman Goldy, Claire Martin, Carole Rawcliffe, Leah Rhys, John McEwan, Compton Reeves, Peter Sposato, Martha Carlin, Ralph Griffiths, Shannon McSheffrey, Christian Steer, Roberta Wood, Andrea Boffa, Katherine French, and Linda E. Mitchell; dedication by Caroline Barron and Amy Livingstone; bibliography of the published writings of Joel T. Rosenthal by Christine Fox.

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Volume 32 (2017)

Articles by Edward M. Schoolman, Jeremy Piercy, Erin L. Jordan, Stephen Donnachie, Elizabeth A. R. Brown, Jessica Lutkin, Philippa M. Hoskin and Elizabeth New; In Memoriam: Jonathon Riley-Smith by Peter Edbury; book reviews.

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Volume 31 (2016)

Articles by Constance B. Bouchard, Careoline Dunn, Hanna Kilpi, Luca Larpi, Raúl Villegas Marín, Samantha Sagui, Karen Stöber, and Larry Usilton; notice by Jean-Philippe Genet et al.; book reviews.

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Volume 30 (2015)

Articles by Christian Raffensperger, Scott Jessee, Iris Shagrir, Guy Perry, Hannah Barker, Anne DeWindt, and Christian Merie Fox.

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Volume 29 (2014)

Articles by Laura Michele Diener, Felim McGrath, Tiffany A. Ziegler, John Leland, Michael J. Alexander, and David Lepine.

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Volume 28 (2013)

Articles by Constance B. Bouchard, E. A. Jones, Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, Ann Bowtell, Doreen Leach, and Frederik Buylaert & Jan Dumolyn.

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Volume 27 (2012)

Articles by David Alan Parnell, Greg Halfond, Courtney DeMayo, Genevieve Ribordy and A. Compton Reeves.

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Volume 26 (2005)

Articles by Constance B. Bouchard, Melissa B. Lurio, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Diana Jarvis Godwin, Jessica Lutkin, Fátima Regina Fernandes, Dale R. Streeter, Marie-Hélène Rousseau, Elizabeth Noble and Arie van Steensel.

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Volume 25 (2004)

Articles by Josep Vilella, David S. Bachrach, Allison D. Fizzard, Boyd Breslow, Maria do Rosário Morujão and Anísio Miguel Saraiva, Shona Kelly Wray, Douglas Biggs and Gilbert M. Bogner.

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Volume 24 (2003)

Fascicle I: Late Antiquity and Byzantium II, edited by Ralph W. Mathisen, with articles by Michael Kulikowski, Andrew Cain, Andreas Schwarcz, Steven Fanning, Ralph W. Mathisen, Allen E. Jones, Salvatore Cosentino and Deanna Forsman.

Fascicle II: Articles by Sashi Jayakumar, Ralph V. Turner, Paul A. Fox, Beth Hartland and J.S. Bothwell.

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Volume 23 (2002)

Special thematic issue on "Arab-Islamic Medieval Culture," edited and coordinated by Manuela Marín, with articles by Claude Gilliot, Luis Molina, Miquel Forcada Nogués, Carl F. Petry, María Luisa Ávila, Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretii, Mohamed Meouak, Arie Schippers, Maria Filomena Lopes de Barros and Juan A. Souto.

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Volume 22 (2001)

Articles by Michael Robson, OFM Conv., María Narbona-Cárceles, Mark Arvanigian, Stephanie R. Hovland, David A. E. Pelteret, Francesca Tinti, William J. Courtenay, Dale R. Streeter, Marshall E. Crossnoe, Thomas Sullivan, OSB, and James K. Farge, CSB.

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Volume 21 (2000)

Articles by Bernard S. Bachrach, Julia Barrow, Alan M. Stahl, David S. Green, Joëlle Rollo-Koster, Jonathan Davies and Rhoda Lange Friedrichs.

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Volume 20 (1999)

Articles by David E. Thornton, Patricia Skinner, Ann Williams, Richard Dace, P.M. Stell, Joan Greatrex, Joel T. Rosenthal, Marilyn Oliva, James Magee and Douglas Biggs.

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Volume 19 (1998)

Articles by Kathleen Thompson, Alan V. Murray, Jonathan Phillips, Pascal Montaubin, Olivier Mattéoni, Virginia Davis, Barbara E. Megson, Josep Vilella, J.S. Hamilton, Amie de Gaveston and Ben Daw.

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Volume 18 (1997)

Articles by Oscar De Ville, Dave Postles, Amy Livingstone, David Balfour, Thomas K. Keefe, Hugh M. Thomas, Quentin Griffiths, Mary Hayes Somers, Thomas Sullivan, OSB, and Kathryn L. Reyerson.

Complete contents

Volumes 1-17 AND INDEXES

Volumes 1 through 17 of "Medieval Prosopography" appeared bi-annually, Spring and Fall. Beginning with volume 18 (1997), the journal became an annual containing articles plus an extended book review section and notices of conferences and research projects.

Index to volumes 6-10 (in 11/1, Spring 1990); Index to volumes 11-15 (in 16/1, Spring 1995).