Old English Newsletter Subsidia


The Old English Newsletter has been a source for news, announcements, and information on the world of Anglo-Saxon studies since 1967. Its annual "Bibliography and Year's Work in Old English Studies" are used by thousands of scholars worldwide. The Old English Newsletter Subsidia series publishes brief studies, editions, bibliographies, and other volumes for scholarly and classroom use.

Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University has published volumes 34 to 36 of the Subsidia volumes. Volume 36 the Subsidia series is the last in this series.

volumes 34 to 36

"Books Most Needful to Know": Contexts for the Study of Anglo-Saxon England

Edited by Paul E. Szarmach

"Books Most Needful to Know" is the newest edition in the Richard Rawlinson Series's OEN Subsidia. It includes essays covering topics such as Old English, Old Norse, Anglo-Latin literature and Early Medieval Ireland.
Old English Newsletter Subsidia 36, ISBN 978-1-58044-182-7 (paperbound) © 2016 Buy this book

Anonymous Interpolations in Ælfric's Lives of Saints

Edited by Robin Norris

In comparison to a wealth of knowledge about Ælfric . . . we know almost nothing about the anonymous authors of "Euphrosyne," "Eustace," "Mary of Egypt," and "The Seven Sleepers," except that, for some reason, each was interested in reading, translating and transmitting one of these four texts. Each of the four essays in this collection explores what those reasons might have been.

Old English Newsletter Subsidia 35 (pp. x + 118), ISBN 978-1-58044-163-6 (paperback) © 2011 Buy this book

Ælfric of Eynsham: His Life, Times, and Writings

Helmut Gneuss, translated by Michael Lapidge

Originally delivered as a lecture at the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, this volume was published in 2002 as "Ælfric von Eynsham und seine Zeit," introducing, as Gneuss says, "an Anglo-Saxon author . . . who was the first, and for a long time the only, master of prose written in English."

Old English Newsletter Subsidia 34 (pp. x + 44), ISBN 978-1-58044-144-5 (paperback) © 2009 Buy this book