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Cover image of Thinking Queerly: Medievalism, Wizardry, and Neurodiversity in Young Adult TextsThinking Queerly: Medievalism, Wizardry, and Neurodiversity in Young Adult Texts

By Jes Battis

Why do we love wizards? Where do these magical figures come from? This volume traces the wizard from medieval Arthurian literature to contemporary young adult adaptations. By exploring the link between Merlin and Harry Potter, or Morgan la Fey and Sabrina, readers will see how the wizard offers spaces of hope and transformation for young readers. In particular, this book examines how wizards think differently, and how this difference can resonate with both LGBTQ and neurodivergent readers, who’ve been told they don’t fit in.

Want this book? Don't want to leave it to chance? Buy Chaucer's Polyphony from De Gruyter.

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MIP Newsletter Issue 6: April 2021Issue 6: April 2021

No April Fools here--just another great MIP newsletter, celebrating #WhanThatAprilleDay and National Poetry Month! The newsletter features our very first author interview (with Jonathan Fruoco, author of Chaucer's Polyphony: The Modern in Medieval Poetry), MIP books on Chaucer and a series highlight of our TEAMS Middle English Texts Series and raffle off a copy of Chaucer's Polyphony!

April 2021 Raffle Book: Chaucer's Polyphony: The Modern in Medieval Poetry

MIP Newsletter Issue 5: March 2021Issue 5: March 2021

Our March newsletter brings fresh news and content from MIP, including a feature by Irina Dumitrescu and Eric Weiskott (co-editors of The Shapes of Early English Poetry: Style, Form, History); new titles; and author highlights.

March 2021 Raffle Book: Saints at Play: The Performance Features of French Hagiographic Mystery Plays

MIP Newsletter Issue 4: February 2021Issue 4: February 2021

In our February newsletter, we feature a short essay by Shannon McSheffrey on Valentine's Day in late medieval England and office staff share some of our favorite MIP titles: our literary valentines.

February 2021 Raffle Book: Love & Marriage in Late Medieval London

MIP Newsletter Issue 3: January 2021Issue 3: January 2021

In our first newsletter of the new year, we share lots of exciting news about MIP's journals and two brand-new book series!

January 2021 Raffle Book: John the Blind Audelay's Poems and Carols (Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Douce 302)

MIP Newsletter Issue 2: December 2020Issue 2: December 2020

Our holiday issue features a short essay on the Icelandic Christmas tradition Jólabókaflóð and our Northern Medieval World series; news and reviews, including a 2020 review roundup; and our monthly raffle.

December 2020 Raffle Book: Sir Gawain: Eleven Romances and Tales, edited by Thomas Hahn

MIP Newsletter Issue 1: November 2020

Issue 1: November 2020

In our first monthly newsletter, we featured a welcome letter from Theresa Whitaker, our editor-in-chief; new titles; news, author highlights, and reviews; and our first monthly raffle.

November 2020 Raffle Book: The Shapes of Early English Poetry: Style, Form, History, edited by Eric Weiskott and Irina Dumitrescu