Art Competition


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy epitomizes social justice. He embodied the ideals of social justice for humankind beyond man-made demographics. King lived out social justice by joining the fight for civil rights and workers’ rights during his short life. He was martyred for equity and freedom…freedom to reach the full potential of one’s existence through passion, persistence, and education. King’s ideals reject hateful rhetoric regardless of its target and encourage us to opt for love, understanding, and cooperation instead. King led a life that moves us to welcome everyone we encounter into the embrace of humanity. His legacy charges us to exchange complacency for sacrifice, choosing to take on the challenge of social justice work. King’s legacy empowers us to be advocates and allies for ourselves and others; living lives of reconciliation. His life proves that we can live justly and love mercy as we strive to treat all members of our human family with kindness and compassion.

Important notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy has been canceled.