Social Justice Book Bowl

General rules

Each game will have a minimum of three judges. The judges will read the questions, enforce time limits, determine the correctness of answers, award points, keep score and otherwise enforce the rules of the competition.

  • No more than four people may play on a team. 
  • Each game will consist of 20 questions worth 10 points each.
  • For the first 15 questions (T/F, fill-in the blank, multiple choice, short answer), each team will have 30 seconds to write down their answer.
  • For the last five questions (critical response), each team will have 60 seconds to write down an answer.
  • Answers must be clearly written on the notecard, spelling errors are okay.
  • Each team must designate a member as a “runner”, who is responsible for bringing the answer card to the judges.
  • Once a team answer card has been submitted, it may not be taken back or changed.
  • Each team will have one 30-second timeout per game. Timeouts may not be used when a question is in play.
  • The two teams with the highest scores from each grade level (i.e., 6th, 7th-8th, 9th-10th, 11th-12th) will move on to the final competition on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016.



Protests may be lodged only by an active player or by the coach at the end of the game. Coaches or parents are not to approach judges during a game.

Active players and official coaches may indicate their intention to protest during a match by quickly saying "protest" after an answer or action they deem to be incorrect. 


  • All participants will receive a prize on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018.
  • The winning teams will receive traveling trophies and certificates on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018. 
  • Each member of each winning team will receive a Kindle Fire.
  • Each participant will receive a $10 voucher to purchase books from Kazoo books at the eliminating competition on January 10, 2018.