Guidelines for the Music 3500 Extra Credit essay (worth 50 possible points)



- You must complete this directly in the eLearning extra credit quiz under "Assessments>Quizzes" by Monday, April 20 (there is no drop box, and you cannot email it to me—no extra credit will be accepted after April 20 for any reason)


The purpose of this extra credit assignment is for you to consider the concepts of "American" music that we have discussed this semester and apply them to a recent piece of American music.


- Directly answer every specific questions that is asked below or you will lose points.
- Do not copy things out of Wikipedia and expect to get credit.

(Do not write a paper—answer these same questions directly in the eLearning quiz)

1. It must be about a musical work written and performed by American(s) AFTER the year 2000 (any American piece in any style).


2. Open the extra credit quiz in eLearning "Assessments">"Quizzes" and answer these questions in this order:


Brief Introduction: (15 possible points)
- Background about the piece (date, composer, performer, what category of music this piece represents)
- Briefly say why you chose this particular work
- Briefly state what you learned about the artist(s)?

Main Body:
If you do not answer the following questions with specific answers you will not receive these points

- (10 possible points) What "American values" is this work promoting?  I'm not asking if the piece is valuable or popular—I'm asking what VALUES it promotes that are "American". If the piece does not exhibit any obvious American values or traits choose another piece to write about. Do not say it is American because it is by an American.

- (10 possible points) Is this piece trying to break new ground?... OR is it trying to maintain an existing American musical tradition?  WHY? ... HOW? (to determine this, compare it to other pieces we have discussed in class or that are covered in the online textbook)


Conclusion: (15 possible points)
If you do not answer the following question specifically you will not receive these points
- What did YOU learn about American music from researching and writing this paper?
(Do not tell me more facts about the piece-- Do not add in a bunch of material from the Internet —Tell me specifically what your view WAS of American music, and how that changed or was enhanced by doing this extra credit project).