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You have a unique musical profile from the day you are born: a pitch, a scale, even a melody. Harmonology is derived from the ancient concept of Music of the Spheres in which the movement of celestial bodies, such as the Sun and the Moon, create ethereal harmonies. The solar cycle generates a musical octave which begins and returns to the Spring Equinox. As we gradually orbit through the yearly octave, each day has its own pitch, a unique EarthTone. Your BirthTone is the pitch from your birthday.

In addition to a BirthTone, each of us has a musical scale (like major and minor) influenced by the phases of the moon. Based on the Ancient Greek modes, the New Moon begins in Locrian and ascends through Phrygian, Aeolian, Dorian, Mixolydian, and Ionian on the way to the Lydian Full moon. As the moon wanes, the modes cycle back down to the next New moon. Your Lunar Birth Mode is derived from the phase of the moon on the exact day you were born. The combination of a BirthTone and mode creates your special harmonic signature. Only someone born on the same date and under the same moon will share your specific musical qualities and key characteristics.

Starting from your birthday, the modal scale maps out a series of six additional ScaleDates which match the tuning of the other pitches in your specific scale. These dates are calculated based on Just Intonation, a proportional tuning system which differs from equal-temperament. You could adjust one of the notes by a couple of days to an alternate tuning if it produces a more meaningful date for you. From these pitches, you can create a SignatureTune, a short melodic motive which serves as a kind of calling card. Go to Solfa Cipher, enter the tonic and mode from this date, and tranform your name into a musical melody.

Your Harmonic Sphere is the network of your friends and special dates, and the harmonic relationships you share with each other. There are some friends who share your tonic (you are both Eb's), your mode (you are both Lydian), or key sign (you both have 2 flats). Their BirthTones may blend seamlessly into your LifeSong, add a distinct ornamentation, or create discord. ScaleMates are friends with a birthday matching one your ScaleDates, and thus already part of your LifeSong. Depending on their mode and key sign, they may share one or many of your diatonic scale degrees. When you add a friend into your Life Song, it not only takes in their BirthTone, but is influenced by their Signature Tune, mode and tempo. Likewise, you can add yourself into their LifeSong to hear how you color their world. Ultimately, Harmonology is not so much about the names of your notes, but the relationships you form and the music you create together.

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