Master of Music Composition Requirements

Admission requirements and procedures

Proficiency examinations in theory, history-literature and placement interview-auditions in piano, composition, electronic composition, musical acoustics and counterpoint. Before the student will be admitted to this area of concentration, the composition faculty must review and approve the student's prior compositional work.

Concentration requirements

  1. Required courses:
  • MUS 6100 Introduction to Research in Music (credits: 3 hrs.)
  • MUS 6620 Seminar in Composition (Credits: 3 hrs.)
  • MUS 7000 Master's Thesis (credits: 3 hrs.)
  • Including oral exam
  • Cognate music studies
    Performance, music education, history/literature, theory, jazz studies (9-12). Must include at least one 6000-level course.
  • Electives to make a total of 30 semester hours.
    Must include a 6000-level music history and a 6000-level music theory course, unless already required in the program.
  • Proficiency in keyboard must be demonstrated, but course work may not apply to degree.