Master of Music Performance Requirements

Admission requirements and procedures

Proficiency examinations in theory and history-literature are required. The performance proficiency examination will determine if the student will be permitted to pursue this major area of concentration. Sight-reading may be requested. Vocal majors must demonstrate piano skills and a proficiency in French, German and Italian diction. Deficiency course work will not apply toward the degree.

Concentration requirements

  1. Required courses:
  • MUS 6000 Applied Music (Credits: 1 to 4 hrs.)
  • MUS 6100 Introduction to Research in Music (Credits: 3 hrs.)
  • MUS 6900 Graduate Recital (Credits: 2 hrs.)
  • Oral exam
  • Cognate music studies:
    Composition, music education, history/literature, theory, jazz studies (9 to 12 hours). Must contain at least one 6000-level course.
  • Ensemble requirements:
    A minimum of two credits of chamber ensembles and two credits of conducted ensembles. (Keyboard majors are required a minimum of two credits of chamber ensembles.) A maximum of six credits of ensembles may be applied toward the performance degree requirements.
  • Electives to make a total of at least 30 semester hours. Must include a 6000-level music history and a 6000-level music theory course unless already required in the program.