Master of Music Performance Requirements

Admission requirements and procedures

Proficiency examinations in music theory and music history/ literature are required and sight-reading may be requested.  Classical vocal majors must demonstrate piano skills and a proficiency in French, German and Italian diction; where course work to address deficiencies will be allowed, the work will not fulfill the degree requirement.The performance proficiency examination will determine admittance to pursue the major area of concentration. Concentration requirements

  1. Required courses:
  • MUS 6000 Applied Music (Credits: 1 to 4 hrs.)
  • MUS 6100 Introduction to Research in Music (Credits: 3 hrs.)
  • MUS 6900 Graduate Recital (Credits: 2 hrs.)
  • Oral exam
  • Cognate music studies:
    Composition, music education, history/literature, theory, jazz studies (9 to 12 hours). Must contain at least one 6000-level course.
  • Ensemble requirements:
    A minimum of two credits of chamber ensembles and two credits of conducted ensembles. (Keyboard majors are required a minimum of two credits of chamber ensembles.) A maximum of six credits of ensembles may be applied toward the performance degree requirements.
  • Electives to make a total of at least 30 semester hours. Must include a 6000-level music history and a 6000-level music theory course unless already required in the program.