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  • A student ambassador standing outside Sangren Hall.

    The Bronco Way

    Taking a stroll down West Michigan Avenue or catching a glimpse inside the Student Recreation Center—all from the comfort of your screen. WMU's admissions team is helping future Broncos get the "feels" from afar.

    Take a virtual visit
  • A woman sitting at a computer at the Haworth College of business.

    Become a cybersecurity expert

    Enrollment is open for WMU's new online cybersecurity degree. The interdisciplinary major is designed to incorporate the computer science and business aspects of online security.

    Start your degree
  • Purple flowers in front of Sangren Hall.

    Virtual Visit

    It may not be possible to physically come to the WMU campus, but there are still plenty of opportunities to check out all we have to offer from the comfort of home.

    Experience Campus
  • A man stands outside the Gilmore Theatre Complex.

    Broncos' Best

    The future is before them, and Western Michigan University alongside them. The 2020 graduates are entering the world equipped with grit, resilience and the resources to be successful.

    Navigating the future