Mandatory Fees

A student who registers for classes on the main campus is assessed the following fees per term—tuition, enrollment fee, sustainability fee and a student assessment fee. New degree-seeking students will be charged a records initiation fee the first semester, and students may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fees per class.

Main campus only

Fee4 credit hours or less5 credit hours or more
Total fees $258.50 $461.50
Enrollment fee $208.50 $411.50
Student assessment fee $42.00 $42.00
Sustainability fee $8.00 $8.00

Enrollment fee

The enrollment fee is a single per capita assessment which covers the following:

  • Health Center operations
  • Technology which covers information systems services for students
  • Facility fee for auxiliary building debt requirements
  • Recreation fee for recreation building debt service and building operations
  • Infrastructure fee for deferred maintenance projects
  • Student transportation*

*Aviation students are assessed an additional fee of:

  • Fall 2017 and Spring 2018:  $8
  • Summer I and Summer II 2018:  $4

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FEE - admitted summer I 2017 or later

  • Undergraduate students enrolled Summer I 2017 and later will be charged $750 for each fall and spring semester. 
  • Graduate students enrolled Summer I 2017 and later will be charged $25 for each fall and spring semester. 


  • Students will be assessed a $25 fee for each fall and spring semester. 

International Graduate Student Orientation Fee

International graduate students are assessed an additional one-time orientation fee of:

  • Fall 2017 and Spring 2018: $185
  • Summer I and Summer II 2018: $135

Records initiation fee

A one-time fee of $300 is assessed for each entering degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate or transfer student. This fee helps subsidize the establishment of each student's official academic record at the University and supports related activities such as integrated web course registration, online grade and program reviews, degree progress tracking, student accounts receivables and the provision of an individual electronic portfolio that reflects the learning, educational growth and personal accomplishments for each student.

Sustainability fee

In March 2010 the Western Student Association voted in favor of introducing a sustainability fund fee of $8 per semester and $4 per summer session. The funds are to be used to enrich course offerings, create student green jobs, support a Sustainability Office, support student-driven initiatives and provide research grants, fellowships, scholarships and awards for students. A student-majority committee will work in consultation with the President's University-wide Sustainability Office and the Vice President of Student Affairs to determine the appropriate allocation process.

Student assessment fee

A student assessment fee is assessed for all undergraduate and graduate students at the time of registration. This assessment is for the support of student organizations and agencies. The student organizations and agencies use this money to enhance the out of classroom experience on campus. Programs funded in previous years include:

  • Bronco Bash
  • Homecoming
  • College Bowl
  • Miller Movies
  • Bernie's Afterhours
  • Bernhard Center's Center Stage, lectures and more

The student assessment fee also supports campus media that includes—but not limited to—the Western Herald student newspaper and the student-run campus radio station WIDR.

Class-related fees

A student may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fees per class.

Graduation audit fee

A $55 fee will be applied to your student account when the graduation application is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The graduation audit fee covers the processing of the graduation audit, the cost of the diploma, and the commencement ceremony.