Fast Facts

  • a man playing the organ with a women standing to his left to turn pages
  • a man lecturing on a stage to a full audience in a lecture hall
  • Gold Company vocalists standing close to the edge of a stage singing

576 total music majors

476 undergraduate students

100 graduate students

35 graduate assistants

42 full-time faculty

18 part-time faculty

14 professional staff

74 guest artists in the 2016–17 academic year: Stockholm Brass Quintet, Peter Erskine, Alan Chow, Kontras Quartet, Imani Winds, Sphinx Virtuosi, Christiane Karg, Roomful of Teeth, Joe Alessi, Rose Ensemble, and many more.

800+ concerts and events by students, faculty and guests in 2016-17 (approximate)

200,000+ patrons attend School of Music events (approximate)

104 years since the establishment of the School of Music