Music and Dance Collections

Music and Dance Collections:

Harper C. Maybee Music and Dance Library was established in 1948 and named for the first head of the music program at Western. It was located in Maybee Music Hall from 1951 until Dalton Center opened in 1982. At that time the library incorporated dance.

The library contains a wide variety of materials to support study and research. For music, the collections emphasize the art (or “classical”) traditions of Western Europe and the United States, American jazz and music theatre, and musics of non-European origin, primarily of Africa and Asia. Native American, folk, rock, and other popular genres are also represented. For dance, coverage is primarily of ballet, modern, and jazz.

The collections include the following materials at these classifications and locations:

  • Books on music: ML (history and literature) and MT (theory, analysis, education) (Location: General Stacks)
  • Books on dance: GV (Location: General Stacks)
  • Music scores: M; Editions for research and performance, including vocal and choral music, instrumental solos and chamber ensembles, and large instrumental works (Location: Scores)
  • Textbooks: LT; K-8 series in music education; teacher and student editions and supporting materials  (Location: Textbooks)
  • Periodicals: Alphabetical by title. Bound volumes in Periodicals stacks; recent issues in Current Periodicals (Location: Periodicals)
  • Newsletters/Newspapers: Recent issues in Current Periodicals; back issues in Periodicals stacks, after Z (uncataloged)
  • Reference: General and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, bibliographies, discographies, and more  (Location: Reference)
  • Audio Recordings: CDs, LP records, cassettes (Request at circulation desk by call number)
  • Video Recordings: Videocassettes and DVDs (Request at circulation desk by call number)
  • Electronic resources: Periodical indexes, reference and research tools, streaming audio and video.

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