• Photo of the Health and Human Services Building.
  • Nursing students in classroom
  • Students in the nursing lab

Nursing science clinical laboratories

The Bronson School of Nursing at Western Michigan University has three nursing science clinical laboratories located on the third floor of the Health and Human Services Building. The laboratories support the curriculum through encouraging participation and self-direction that give purpose to learning. Theory integrated into practice is facilitated by a combination of nursing practice simulations and instructional materials.

Simulations in the laboratories actively involve the learner and foster accountability and self-responsibility. Use of the laboratories promotes self-evaluation and self-awareness in a supportive environment. Nursing students as well as students from other disciplines may use the labs to observe, prepare assignments or practice skills.

The clinical laboratories provide space and equipment for students to practice psychomotor skills required for patient care, such as bathing, bed-making, administering injections, and inserting and regulating intravenous solutions.

Mannequins and other simulation scenarios are used for practicing a variety of situations and procedures, such as IVs, injections, catheterization and nasogastric tubes.

Student group learning is facilitated through use of videos, smartboards and other wireless technology available in the labs. Faculty are available to answer questions and clarify issues.