Open Education at WMU

Our Goal

To advance adoption, adaptation and creation of open educational resources at WMU to reduce student textbook costs.

OER Task Force

  • Hold workshops for faculty, instructors and staff.
  • Administer grants to encourage use of OER.
  • Survey the WMU community about OER.
  • Engage as a member of the Open Textbook Network.

What are Open Educational Resources?

Western Michigan University uses the definition for Open Education Resources provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation:

"Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning and research materials in any medium – digital or otherwise – that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions."

Penn State University also provides a comprehensive list of other OER definitions.

OER materials are released under an open license granting permission for everyone to:

  • Retain - users have the right to make, archive and own copies of the content.
  • Reuse - content can be reused in its unaltered form.
  • Revise - content can be adapted, adjusted, modified and altered.
  • Remix - content can be combined with other content to create something new.
  • Redistribute - content can be shared in its original, revised or remixed form.

OER include digital learning materials such as:

  • Open textbooks
  • Full courses
  • Modules
  • Syllabi
  • Lectures
  • Homework assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Lab activities
  • Games
  • Simulations

What can we do?

  • Encourage departments and instructors/faculty to look at open textbooks and other OER in their discipline.
  • Encourage the adoption, adaptation and creation of open resources.
  • Educate our campus about open education, open textbooks and open pedagogy.

Statewide initiatives