Open Textbook Grants

The Western Michigan University Libraries offers $1,000 grants to faculty and instructors for adopting an open textbook or open course content for their course. This grant initiative provides a financial incentive for faculty and instructors to switch from traditional expensive textbooks to high-quality, free open textbooks.

Colleges and universities have developed open textbooks and course content in response to concerns about the affordability of traditional textbooks. Textbook prices have risen 1041% since 1977, higher than medical costs and the Consumer Price Index.

Many students who can’t afford their textbooks have found a simple, but concerning solution—they don’t buy them. According to research sponsored by Florida Virtual University in 2018, 64% of students did not purchase a required textbook. In addition, 42% of students took fewer courses and 22% dropped a course due to textbook costs. Open textbooks and course content provide an alternative to expensive textbooks.

Open textbooks have a Creative Commons license, which allows other instructors to use and adapt for their course and students to access them for free online.


There will another opportunity to apply for an Adopt an Open Textbook Grant this fall. Watch for more information coming soon.

2021-22 grant recipients

  • Upul Attanayake, Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Lori Brown, Department of Aviation Sciences
  • Jon D. Davis, Department of Mathematics
  • Jaqueline Eng, Intercultural and Anthropological Studies
  • Stephen Kaczmarek, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Joseph Kayany, School of Communication
  • Robert George Samples, Department of Marketing
  • Nathan Tabor, Department of History
  • WuWei Shen, Department of Computer Science
  • Yuan-kang Wang, Department of Political Science


For more information, please contact librarians: