Fieldwork Student Resources

Fieldwork Student Resources

The Successful Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Student Book - This textbook provides a wealth of information to prepare for fieldwork assignments, assess various situations, and utilize knowledge to demonstrate clinical reasoning.Highly recommended resource for fieldwork students!

The Level II Fieldwork Survival Guide - Utilize this survival guide to learn about preparation for fieldwork, professional behaviors, advice from previous fieldwork students, and tips for a successful experience. 

AOTA Fieldwork FAQ - Common questions about fieldwork experiences including, but limited to, fieldwork requirements, fieldwork supervisors, and grading criteria. 

Interdisciplinary Learning - Interprofessional learning experiences are often included during Level II fieldwork. Please read this article to learn more about identifying with other health care professionals and reinforcing awareness of occupational therapy's unique contributions to the professional community. 

Fieldwork Experience Assessment Tool (FEAT) - This tool was created to include components of the fieldwork environment, student, and educator to promote the best possible learning experience. It is used to facilitate student and educator discussion, problem solving, and strategy development. 

Managing Productivity Requirements as a Level II Fieldwork Student - This article provides 5 tips regarding productivity management to help reduce pressure to meet productivity standards. 

Navigating Fieldwork Ethical Issues - Although ethical challenges are uncommon, it is important to understand relevant issues and appropriate resolution techniques that may provide guidance during a fieldwork experience. 

Lead Your Own Learning - This article discusses the importance of active, self-directed learning to consider your individual professional development goals and outcomes from fieldwork related to your own career aspirations. 

Qualities of the Ideal Fieldwork Student: Perspectives From a Fieldwork Educator - If you have an AOTA membership, please read this article to learn about the seven qualities that are looked for in a student, co-worker, and healthcare professional.