Prerequisite Courses

Human anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology I and II are accepted for this requirement; they are not accepted for physiology prerequisite.

WMU option: BIOS 2110 Human Anatomy

Human physiology (must be upper level)

Pathophysiology does not fulfill this requirement.

WMU option: BIOS 3500 Physiology for Majors


Must have an accompanying lab BIOS 2320

WMU option:  BIOS 3120 Microbiology

Biochemistry (must be upper level)

Organic Chemistry does not satisfy this requirement.

WMU option: CHEM 3550 Introductory Biochemistry

Developmental psychology (life span)

The course must cover the entire life span- from birth to death. Introduction psychology courses do not meet this requirement. This course may also be called Human Growth and Development or Human Development.

WMU option: HSV 2250 Growth, Development and Aging (covers psychological and physiological maturation). 

Introductory statistics

Must contain descriptive analysis and inferential methods.

WMU options: STAT 2600 Elementary Statistics or STAT 3660 Introduction to Statistics

additional information

  •  Knowledge-based testing does not satisfy any of the required prerequisites, e.g., USMLE. All prerequisites must be stand alone courses. 
  • A degree in health sciences is helpful but not necessary as long as the required prerequisite courses are completed with a C or better. Consequently, an art major could qualify for admission as long as the required prerequisites are in place at the time of admission, and the student has an understanding and dedication to the PA role and mission.

If you still need to take prerequisite courses and have already earned a bachelor’s degree, please apply as a graduate non-degree student to WMU. Click here to begin the application. If you have not used this application system previously, please click the Sign Up button on the bottom right. If you have previously used this application system, please enter your username and password and click Sign In.