Award Administration

Notification to WMU financial aid

  • Estimates are submitted to financial aid by December 1 each year for entering students and May 1 for returning students.
  • Awards are deposited each semester by the tuition due date.
  • Awards are audited each semester on Census Day, which is after drop/add.
  • Drawbacks will occur if a student no longer satisfies the eligibility criteria as of the census date.

Notification to students

  • Paper Technology Foundation will continuously communicate with scholarship recipients throughout the calendar year by means of WMU email. It is critical that WMU email be regularly monitored.
  • Paper Technology Foundation will send notice of deadlines for scholarship applications, industry-supported conferences and field trips, activity requirements, scholarship award information, and much more. Please check and respond to your WMU email daily.

Fall 2017 field trip, Neenah Paper