Out-of-State and Non-Resident Scholarships

WMU Tuition/Semester (example):
Non-Resident Tuition
Resident Tuition
Tuition Difference/Semester
Paper Technology Foundation Non-Resident Award:
First Semester:
Early Bird Incentive (if by Dec. 1)
Second Semester:
Merit Award, Avg GPA 3.0-3.49
Annual Amount


Non-Resident Award

 Are you interested in pursuing a degree in paper engineering, but worried about how you will pay for school as an out-of-state student?

As a student studying Paper Engineering at Western Michigan University, the Paper Technology Foundation has you covered. The Paper Technology Foundation will cover your out-of-state costs for your first two semesters (up to 15 credit hours per semester)!

After your first semester, you will qualify for additional merit-based scholarships offered by the Paper Technology Foundation to assist in covering the difference in tuition. Many of our Paper Engineering students graduate close to, if not, debt-free with a combination of income from internships, co-op experiences, and earning merit-based scholarships.

For more information email wmu-paperengineering@wmich.edu or call 269-568-9783