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2022 Coating Course

Two-day course—dates TBA
Time: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Who should attend?

This course is designed for the newcomer to the paper coating industry, as well as those with experience who wish to broaden and update their knowledge and understanding of the basics of coating materials, processes and coating and coated substrate formulation/design. Course instructors will include WMU faculty and industry experts with decades of experience in coating and papermaking.

Past speakers included

John Bergin, Randy Branston, Gordon Bugg, Brad Fadden, Meggan Hostetler-Schrock, Jeremy Iwanski, Dr. Kecheng Li, Dr. Tony Lyons, Charles P. Klass, Jim Niemiec, Alexandra Pekarovicova, James M. Rennes, John A. Roper III, Mark A. Sorenson, Dan Varney, Don Ventresca

Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities include a dinner and brewery tour at the world-famous Bell's Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo.

Lodging and transportation

  • Hotel selection TBA. 
  • Free WMU shuttle is a service provided to WMU’s campus for the course each day as well as to and from the off-site dinner.

Learning objectives

Individuals taking this course should leave with the following understanding:

  • Coated paper and paperboard grades overview
  • Coated paper applications—Why paper and paperboard are coated
  • Barrier coating of paper and paperboard
  • Principles of coating formulations to meet desired end-use requirements
  • Raw materials used in the preparation of paper coatings including pigments, binders, and additives
  • Coating rheology
  • Nanoparticles and use in coatings
  • Coating equipment and processes
  • Drying of coated paper and paperboard
  • Calendering and finishing of coated paper and paperboard
  • Coating preparation methods and equipment including curtain coater technology
  • Printing and imaging processes and demands on coated paper and paper board
  • The future of digital print and demands on the substrate
  • Coated paper and packaging outlook/trends

Western Michigan University

WMU is a leader in the field of paper coating research and applications as well as a leading provider of undergraduate and graduate engineers and scientists, is offering its famed paper coating course. Hundreds of papermakers and suppliers have taken WMU’s coating course since its inception. The course features three days of classroom instruction, tours of WMU’s pilot facilities, and networking opportunities.