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Paper and Paperboard Coating Course

The WMU Paper Pilot Plant partnered with TAPPI to offer the 2022 Coating Course and Fiber Recycling Course.

CEU credits:

Earn 14 professional development hours or 1.4 CEUs after completion of this course.

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The 2022 course was held on Western Michigan University's Engineering Campus in beautiful Kalamazoo, MI. We had an amazing line up more than a dozen guest speakers; all experts in their field! The networking alone is worth the price of admission.

The 2023 course will include tours of the WMU Paper Pilot Plants (high-speed coater, paper machine, recycling plants) and paper-related laboratories. Shuttle service will be available from the host hotel, which in 2022 was Radisson Plaza Hotel, to the course each day. There will also be a networking dinner as well. In 2022 it was held at Bell’s Brewery. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Topics Covered:

  • Pigments
  • Binders
  • Additives
  • Formulations development and characterization
  • Coating equipment and process overview
  • Rheology
  • Coated products overview and applications
  • Packaging development
  • Barrier materials and curtain coating
  • Barrier coating technology will be included in most of these topics due to the popularity and relevance to the industry

Who will benefit?

This course will be beneficial to Process and Production Engineers, Product Development and Research Scientists, Technical Managers, Machine Supervisors, Suppliers, or other technical people who are new to the field of coatings. This course will also be helpful for marketing, business planning personnel, and others who are involved in developing alternative grades.

Participants will gain a very good understanding of coating raw materials, how those are processed and prepared for the coating applications, rheology, application methods, and finishing with an overview of end-use applications for coated paper and paperboard. They will also get an excellent background on the leading professionals' new developments in packaging, barrier materials, and curtain coating.

Course prerequisites:

There are no education prerequisites, but a general familiarity with coating materials and processes is recommended.

Western Michigan University

WMU is a leader in the field of paper coating research and applications as well as a leading provider of undergraduate and graduate engineers and scientists, and is offering its famed paper coating course. Hundreds of papermakers and suppliers have taken WMU’s coating course since its inception. The course features three days of classroom instruction, tours of WMU’s pilot facility, and networking opportunities.