2019 Winners

Students from across Western Michigan University's campus, as well as local high schools, participated in the 7th annual K.C. O'Shaughnessy Business Pitch Competition and Showcase. One person from each company is allowed to present the pitch for their team's innovative idea.

first place and people's choice

  • Video of Up Cycled Shirts
    $2,000 award and additional $300 award: pitched by Rose Soma, a fashion design and development major.

Rose Soma: Up-Cycled Shirts is a company that addresses the issue of the nearly 16 million tons of textile waste generated annually. The company's shirts are created using discarded textiles, which are cut up and reassembled, making each piece unique.

second place

  • Video of Gel Sleeves
    $1,400 award: pitched by Conor Mulhearn, an industrial and entrepreneurial engineering major.

Gel Sleeves are customizable arm and hand wraps which contain protective gel pockets for individuals who bruise easily due to the use of blood thinners. 

third place

  • Video of Rocket Race
    $800 award: pitched by Benjamin Buell, an industrial and entrepreneurial engineering major.

Rocket Race appeals to the growing population of skateboarders. The company's stainless steel wheel bearing design eliminates rust and moisture damage preserving speed and greater bearing longevity. 

fourth place

  • Video of T Tek
    $500 award: pitched by Cortney York, an industrial and entrepreneurial engineering major.

T-Tek appeals to the food industry with a customizable trashcan that would eliminate issues caused by overloaded trash bags and leakage using a portable sensor and built-in springs.