2022 Winners

Students from across Western Michigan University's campus, as well as regional high schools, participated in the annual competition. One person from each company is allowed to present the pitch for their team's innovative idea.

First place: The Lux Scrub

Video of The Lux Scrub

The Lux Scrub: First place and $2,000

The Lux Scrub is an attachment for the kitchen sink that makes dishwashing more efficient. Team members include Julia Haas, Rachel Millett, Paige Roden and Mandy Sorensen.


  • Video of Sportwatch

    Sportwatch: Second place, People’s Choice Award and $1,700

    Sportwatch is an app for high school cross country and track coaches to easily manage data for their team rosters. Team members include Seth Byrne and Matt Loucks.

  • Video of Grocery Guardian

    Grocery Guardian: Third place and $800

    Grocery Guardian is a camera that, when placed inside of a refrigerator and accompanied by an app, aims to reduce food waste. Team members include Alex Schmitt, Harley Seelbinder and Nathan Wenke.

  • Video of T-E-G Glasses

    T.E.G. Glasses: Fourth place and $500

    T.E.G. Glasses is a device for frames that generates electricity to counteract the condensation on glasses. Team members include Enock Barasa, Niko Kaltsas, Kaden Jacobson and Mila Mitovski.