Your placement in these reading, writing and mathematics is based on a combination of ACT or SAT scores and high school GPA. If you have taken both the ACT and SAT, or have taken either of them more than once, your highest score is used to determine placement. For more information see reading placementmath and chemistry placement and writing placement.

Skills building courses

  • ENGL 1000, Basic Writing (4 credits, graded as credit/no credit only).
  • LS 1040, Effective College Reading (2 credits).
  • MATH 1090, Computational Skills (2 credits).

Skills courses must be completed before you have 33 credits. Credits earned in skill building classes are not included in the 122 minimum credits required for graduation.

Transfer students

Domestic and international transfer students will abide by the intellectual skills requirements for transfer students.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (269) 387-4411.