Western Michigan University's Department of Political Science hosts speakers and other events on campus.


Wednesday, September 26

George Klein Lecture

Judge Vagn Joensen, International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, will be presenting "The International Criminal Courts and their Contribution to Peace and Reconciliation in Yugoslavia."
Co-sponsored by the Institute of Government of Politics

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Political Science Library, 3301 Friedmann Hall, 3:30 p.m.

Monday, October 8

Voters Not Politicians: Gerrymandering in Michigan
Join us for a voter education panel! Proposal #2 on Michigan's ballot this year gives voters the opportunity to change the process by which our state redraws congressional and state legislative district lines. Katie Fahey from Voters Not Politicians will make the case for why voters should approve the initiative, while Tony Daunt of the Michigan Freedom Fund will make the case for why voters should not approve it.

WMU Fetzer Center, 6 p.m.
Reception to Follow

WMU's Student Code of Conduct applies to this event, as does the University's Civility Statement, which states that ad hominem attacks directed toward individuals, rather than positions or ideas, do not contribute to a healthy educational environment.  See the full civility statement.

Questions from the audience will be collected ahead of time on the event Facebook page and at the forum.

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Wednesday through Friday, October 17 through 19

Fall Break Recess

Tuesday, November 6

Election Day 2018
Where do you vote?

Wednesday, November 21

Thanksgiving Recess (begins at noon)

Monday through Friday, December 10 through 13

Final Exam Week

Saturday, December 15

College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Commencement
Miller Auditorium, time TBA