Register for NUMATS

Online registration for NUMATS is easy. Go to: Follow these steps:

  • If this is your first time to register a student, click on "Get Started" and add your student's information. Otherwise, log in to your Toolbox account. When beginning an application for your student, click on "Register for Testing" and the "Grades 3 Through 9" button under your student's name. You must create an account for the student with a student email address. We recommend creating a free email address (possibly a google address).
  • Step 1 and 2 asks for general information about the parent and the student and asks how the student qualified. If the student received a letter from us, then qualification is most likely based on state achievement or standardized test scores. Check all that apply.
  • Step 3 asks you to select the ACT or SAT, your student’s grade, and if he/she needs special exceptions.
  • Step 4 asks for you to pick your school from a list. After clicking on the button, enter your school’s city and state and then select search. A list will appear at the bottom of the screen, click on your school.
    • You also need to choose your test center and date. The ACT is usually held at Coldwater High School (190440), Kalamazoo Christian High School (176820), Plainwell High School (188830), and WMU (020660) in February and April.
    • The SAT will be held at Kalamazoo Central High School (23365), Plainwell High School (23153) and WMU (23369) in March. NUMATS students are separated from the older students at WMU.
    • Students do not always receive their first choice test center, so you may want to select an alternate site that is best for you. You do not need to include the essay portion of the test.
    • In order for us to receive your scores you must request that they be sent to us. Under additional score reports, add our ATYP school code: for the ACT enter 6007 or for the SAT enter 1944.
  • Step 5 asks you to confirm your registration and request need-based financial aid. You must follow the steps provided by NUMATS under Financial Aid on their main webpage and upload a letter from the school, a Medicaid card, or your tax return.
  • Step 6 provides details for your review. Make changes if needed then be sure to click on "Finish and Pay" so that you can enter your credit card information (even if you qualify for financial aid, be sure to finish your application).