Van Buren Program

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Target Population

  • Current rising ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grader in the Hartford, Lawrence, Covert, or Bangor school systems.
  • Participants must have a desire to attend an institution of higher education. 
  • Participants must be income eligible, potential first generation college student or both to fully receive Upward Bound services (low income as documented by parents’ or guardians’ current tax return; first generation means that parents or guardians did not attend college and do not hold bachelor’s degrees).
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Students must have a desire to participate in all college preparatory activities and have a willingness to dedicate themselves to the program. Once accepted into the program, students will receive service until their high school graduation, unless otherwise noted.
  • Students who can prove that they are at-risk for poor academic performance based on adverse circumstances (e.g., migration, predominantly low income area, foster care youth, etc.). Contact our office for more information.


  • Tutoring, grade monitoring and other formal types of academic support. 
  • Mentoring, advising and assisting students with the path to higher education.
  • Stipend for participation three times per calendar year ($40 per month during the academic component and $90 maximum during the summer component). 
  • Exposure to various university programs and services.
  • Exposure to cultural activities on campus, locally in Van Buren county and nationally across the country.
  • Career explorations presented by scholars, graduate student panels and professionals working in the different fields of study (e.g., engineering, aviation, business, etc.).
  • Six-week summer program on Western Michigan University’s campus designed to simulate the college learning environment and expose participants to what college life is like before they enroll on a prospective campus.
  • Financial planning for our participants and their families, as well as help with the search for funding support for our participants.
  • Assistance in completing college entrance forms, scholarship applications, and financial aid applications. 
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT.

Current Students

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