Bobby Snell sketching a clipper design during his internship at Wahl.

It has been an incredible summer, I was more just a part of the design team than an intern. I was incorporated into most of their major projects, helped with sketching, prototyping, just the full design process.

Bobby Snell
Interned at Wahl

Design internship is a part of our curriculum and provides students with work experience and exposure to professional practice in a professional setting. The Internship can be taken in the summer between the second and third and/or the third and fourth years of the Product Design program. Students are matched with identified companies to make sure the internship is a good fit and the work is appropriate to the curriculum. Product Design is in its third year and we are looking forward to showcasing more internships as the program grows.

Our students have worked at these companies

Fabri-Kal / Kylie Stroub (x2)

Tekna / Aisha Thaj

IDA Design / Scott Bridges

Wahl Clipper / Robert Snell

Wolf and Shepherd / Madison Dempster