Product Design Portfolios

Product design majors have a wide skill-set that allows them to pursue a variety of careers. The work highlighted below has happened in our classrooms and in the field through product design internships. 

Sylvan Benton
"I am an Industrial Designer coalescing my passions for design and business to inspire empathy and perspective through inclusive design in the children's toy market."

Rough sketches of baby bottles.  Refined sketches of a baby bottle design. Rendering of a baby bottle design. PORTFOLIO

Nick Koch
"I would really love the opportunity to work for a design consultancy that designs consumer goods."

Sketch of a shoe design.  Prototype design made out of foam. Computer rendering of a makeup case cocept. PORTFOLIO

Lucas Zuleta
"Some areas I'm interested in are household appliance design and transportation design as well as learning how to design these products with sustainability as the main focus."

Sketches of cable car designs.  Finalize cable car sketch. Drawing of cable car in city. PORTFOLIO



Danialle Baumgardner

Scott Bridges

Madison Dempster

Alexa Dyer

Jake Faculak

Sarah Hansen

David Bulley

Lane Kempf

Race Natta

Robert Snell

Aisha Thaj

Jordan Thomas

Emily Tuskan

Carl Anderson

Krista Bartholomy

Kendra Blossfeld

Maria Catenacci

Kendall Collins

Bridget Dahlinghaus

Marc Garcia

Maxine Grippo

Mckenna Haley

Ava Hansen

Callie Shensky

Kyle Shields

Ben Sommers

Dominick Wainwright