Scholarships, Grants and Awards

The Frostic School of Art is fortunate to have a significant number of scholarships entrusted to us by generous alumni, emeriti and friends. The income from these accounts permits us to recognize students with a diverse range of individual awards. At the April Awards Ceremony, the Frostic School of Art was able to award just over $350,000 in scholarship funds from our various endowments.  Let your faculty know if you qualify for any of the scholarships that are granted by nomination.


Early in the fall and spring semesters, look for updates on this site and posters in the School of Art. 

List of Scholarships, Awards and Grants 

The following scholarships, awards, and grants are available to Product Design students each year.

DeVries Professional Immersion Grant
Frostic School of Art Enrichment Grants
Gwen Frostic Scholarships
Angie Gayman Carmer Art Scholarship
Harry S. Hefner Excellence in Art Scholarship
James Kerr and Rose Netzorg Kerr Awards
Lydia Siedschlag Scholarship
Art Star Awards
Walter Enz Memorial Award
Anna and Harry L. Gernant Family Fine Arts Scholarship
Keaveny Family Art History Travel Award
Cornelius Loew Young Artist Scholarship
Nancy Monsour-Michael Shubeck College of Fine Arts Distinguished Student Scholarship
Margaret H. Ward Art Scholarship

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Awards are announced at the Annual Frostic School of Art Awards Ceremony in April, and award letters are sent following the ceremony only to awardees. No letters are sent out to those not winning an award.


Scholarship and grant applications are now submitted online through SlideRoom