Membership Categories

Enrolled students

Students that are enrolled in classes at Western Michigan University and assessed an enrollment fee do not need to pay any additional fees. Students that are not charged an enrollment fee will have to pay an additional fee for access.

Student access

Exempt student

Students enrolled in academic courses at Western Michigan University with activities that may occur off the main campus, such as student teaching, internships, online classes, practicum and field experiences, may be exempt from enrollment fees. In addition, courses offered through Extended University Programs are not assessed the enrollment fee.

Non-enrolled students

Students that are not enrolled in a current semester or session may purchase a membership for no more than one year after their last enrollment.


In order to qualify for an alumni membership, you must have a received a degree from Western Michigan University.

Benefits-eligible faculty and non-bargaining staff

Access to the Student Recreation Center for benefits-eligible faculty and non-bargaining staff is part of the benefits package. Members in this category activate their yearly membership at the Student Recreation Center and only pay taxes on $270.

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff membership form

Non-benefits-eligible faculty and staff

Non-benefits-eligible faculty and staff can purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center at the current semester or session rates.

WMU School of Medicine employees

Employees of the WMU School of Medicine are eligible for membership at the current rate by showing their WMed ID card.

WMU School of Medicine students

Students of the WMU School of Medicine are eligible for membership at the current rates. Memberships must be activated through the Student Affairs office at the School of Medicine and are subject to current membership rates.


Retirees and emeriti from WMU, as well as their spouses, may join the Student Recreation Center at no cost. You must come to the main office of the rec center to activate your membership.

Emeriti and retiree membership form


Individuals that personally contribute $1,000 or more to Western Michigan University are eligible for membership by paying the current rate. Spouses are not eligible for membership.


Spouse of any WMU affiliate category, except contributors and retirees, are eligible for membership at the current semester or session rates. Please supply a copy of your marriage certificate for verification purposes.

Additional fee note: Anyone that does not have a current Bronco Card must purchase an identification card from the Bronco Card Office. Parking is not included in membership rates. Inquiries about parking passes should be made to the Office of Parking Services.