SRC Reopening Information

Updated 4/22/21 at 10:45 a.m.

The Student Recreation Center is now open. Visit our hours page for our daily hours of operation.

Current status of activities (updated 4/22)

All SRC policies and practices are based on guidance from the WMU's COVID Response Team, Kalamazoo County, and state order that is in effect through May 24. Drop-in sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball are now available to SRC users. Masks must be worn at all times and must cover your nose and mouth. Failure to abide by SRC COVID policies and mask wearing could result in activities being suspended or temporary loss of SRC access.
  • Guest pass sales resume on Monday, April 26. SRC members can sponsor up to two individuals 16 or over to come into the building with them. All guests must have a photo id, pay the $8 guest pass fee and complete a COVID screening at the service desk.
  • Family hours and activities resume on Monday, April 26 during all building hours. Members can bring their children or dependents to the SRC for activities. Children or dependents 15 or young have no charge. Anyone 16 or older must pay the $8 guest pass fee. Anyone 13 or older must complete a COVID screening at the service desk.
  • Basketball is now available on the first floor gym.
  • Volleyball is now available on the third floor gym. You can play up to 6v6.
  • Soccer is now available in the back multipurpose gym. You can play up to 5v5.

Anyone entering the control space is required to have the following items:
-Bronco card
-Updated Sindecuse virtual badge. Your badge must be GREEN in order to access the facility. The Sindecuse health questionnaire must be completed daily before coming to campus or visiting campus buildings.
-Face covering (mask); Face coverings must be worn at all times while in the SRC, even while exercising.

 Reopening FAQs