SRC Reopening FAQs


Access to the SRC is determined by enrollment fees that the University charges for the semester. If all of your classes are online or hybrid, the University may not have charged the enrollment fee this semester. You can check the status of your charges by checking your semester bill. If you see that an enrollment fee was charged, then you have SRC access. If the University did not charge you an enrollment fee, then you can activate your SRC membership for $90. As an enrolled student, you have the option to bill that fee directly to your student account. Anyone that is not enrolled in classes must pay by cash, check or credit card.

What will be required to access the SRC?

Access to the SRC will be limited to academic classes only until further notice. In order to access the facility, you will need to have:
-Your Bronco card
-Sindecuse health screening badge must be green. (Everyone is expected to complete a Sindecuse health screening each day when coming to campus or visiting a campus building. For more information, login in to your patient portal on Sindecuse's website.) Anyone trying to access the facility without a green badge, will be denied entry. Only Sindecuse can edit badges if there is an error.
-Facial covering (mask)

Will I be required to wear a face-covering?

Yes. Per WMU's facial covering policy, a facial covering/mask must be worn at all times, except while swimming. Anyone entering the SRC will be required to follow WMU's Facial Covering policy

do i need TO WEAR A FACE-COVERING if I am fully vaccinated?

Yes. Per WMU's facial covering policy, a facial covering/mask must be worn at all times, except while swimming. Anyone entering the SRC will be required to follow WMU's Facial Covering policy

Will the entire SRC be open?

Most areas of the facility are now open, but with modifications. Only private showers are available, but we encourage patrons to shower at their residence, if possible. For more information on SRC spaces, click on the link below for a detailed list of specific areas and their new policies and procedures.
SRC reopening modifications

Will there be capacities in different areas?

We have established capacities in certain areas of the facility. You can visit our live counts page to review those capacities, when the last count was submitted and how many people were in the space as of the last count. If spaces reach capacity, we will have to deny access to a space until we fall below capacity again.

How will the SRC conduct contact tracing?

The SRC utilizes WMU Public Safety's access software at our turnstiles. Everyone who enters the facility must scan their Bronco card to get through the turnstile. The card swipe captures the time someone enters the facility. As part of the governor's executive order, we are also asking patrons to scan their Bronco card as they exit the facility, as well. If the University determines there may have been an exposure at the SRC, then we will be able to determine who was in the facility at a specific time.

what policies are in place to ensure cleanliness in the src?

SRC staff is constantly cleaning machines throughout the day. We are also asking patrons to clean machines BEFORE and AFTER they use equipment. Building & Custodial Support Services has also enhanced their cleaning procedures throughout the facility. There may be times throughout the day where some areas of the building may be closed in order to effectively clean that area. If an area has to be closed for cleaning, it will be posted in the facility.

What types of programming will be available this Semester?

Our staff has worked to create a comprehensive programming calendar for the spring 2021 semester. We plan on offering a combination of in-person and virtual fitness classes and intramural sports programming. 
Intramural Sports     Fitness Programs