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Summer II Session 2020


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Summer II session

Summary of estimated cost for the session:
    One-time records initiation fee - new student
    Transfer Transition Fee - new student
    Course tuition
    EUP online/location course technology fee (based on campus)
    Student assessment fee
    Enrollment fee
    Tk20 Software fee more info
    Sustainability fee more info
    Residence hall
    Residence hall - ethernet computer access
    Meal plan
    Parking sticker
    Estimated WMU expense subtotal
    Textbooks estimate
    Personal/Other expense estimate
    Travel expense estimate (variance based on resident or non-resident)
    Estimated expense subtotal

Estimated total:
Your total estimated cost of attendance for the session is:

   *  for the session

* This amount is not a financial aid award, budget or other commitment of aid, funds, or other resources. This total is a calculated "estimate" only and is not an actual tuition and fees statement nor is it a commitment regarding a payment, tuition or fee amount. Some courses may have fees that are not included in this estimate (e.g., Individual Class Fees, Additional School Supplies, Aviation Flight Fees Engineering, Music, Life Science Lab Fees, International Student Fees and Health Insurance for International Students, etc.). This estimated cost does not include Graduate Assistant discounts, or any other discounts or benefits.

Visit WMU Financial Aid - Estimated Cost of Attendance Budgets for further estimates of costs and expenses.