Quick Start Guide - Advisors

Degree Works helps students clearly see their progress towards graduation and can also help them as they contemplate changing majors. Degree Works only contains information for currently enrolled students who are using the 2010 undergraduate catalog and later. It should not be considered an academic transcript. Transcripts can be accessed using GoWMU and selecting "Student Unofficial Academic Transcript" on the Advisors Menu.

  1. Login to GoWMU
  2. Click on the Degree Works link under the Advisors Menu in the My Work channel.
  3. Click the Find Icon.
  4. Enter the Student Name.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select from results, and then click OK.
  7. Once a student has been selected, you can choose from the following tabs: Worksheets, Plan, Notes, Petitions, and GPA calculators;
  • Worksheets: Display different views of students degree audits.
  • Plan: Used to create a plan for degree completion.
  • Notes: Allows you to document the reason for the advising session.
  • Exceptions: Allows a substitution to be granted.
  • GPA Calculators: Aids in setting GPA goals.

The next section is the demographic block. The information regarding the student comes directly from Banner and shows the following: Student Name, ID (WIN), Level, Classification, Overall GPA, Academic Standing, Degree, College, Major/Minor, and Holds. Additionally, a photo of the student displays in the far right column.

Each of the larger segments listed (i.e., major/minor requirements, general education requirements, proficiencies, and distribution areas, etc.) has its own heading further down the screen, with lists of the specific classes required to complete that section.

For further assistance, we invite you to review the Degree Works Overview manual created by Associate Professor, Bret Wagner, Management.

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