Academic scheduling room reservations

Special academic events (in addition to regularly scheduled classes)

Some examples of special meeting events would be:

  • Advising Sessions
  • Annual event
  • Class presentations
  • Classroom tours
  • Conferences
  • Final exam day or  time*
  • Meetings
  • Review sessions
  • Study or Breakout sessions
  • Testing (makeup quizzes, midterm exams, etc.)

*An alternate final exam day or time will be reviewed and accommodated provided it meets the following criteria:

  • There is an available room for the requested day and time.
  • Does not disadvantage students impacted by the change; or
  • The section meets outside the academic scheduling matrix.

Please note: In order to maintain one point of contact and effective communication, faculty must submit their room inquiries to their department. Thank you for your understanding.

Academic room reservation request