EUP Tuition for Online Courses for the Haworth College of Business for Summer I and Summer II 2020

Students with total hours of 56 or more credit hours will be assessed for their tuition costs at the upper-level tuition rate. This higher tuition rate takes effect at the time of the change in classification—which may be after the start of the semester or session—and the difference in tuition cost will be applied to the cost of the student's class schedule in progress at the time of the classification change, resulting in additional charges.


Undergraduate-lower level—up to 55 credit hours

$503.92 per credit hour

Undergraduate-upper level—56 or more credit hours

$563 per credit hour


$681.67 per credit hour

Please note: Students may be charged a laboratory or other supplemental fee per class.


  • Students will be charged a $20 per course technology fee.

Please note: Students enrolled in a combination of courses on the main campus and online who fall in the flat rate credit hour range may see an adjustment on their account to reflect the flat rate minus the EUP technology fee of $20 per course.