Plans to Restart Creative Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that with changes in the governor's orders we are able to now extend what started as a restart process for on-campus lab research to include creative scholarship in the forms of the visual arts. Vice President Terri Kinzy wants to thank Patrick Wilson for piloting our first submission long before we knew when this might even be possible and allowing his proposal to serve as an example on our site.  Patrick will pilot our return to Korhman Hall June 12.

We are now accepting applications for use of spaces in the College of Fine Arts (CFA) related to the visual arts via our system at  In addition, we are working with Associate Dean Scott Irelan and Dean Daniel Guyette to develop an overarching plan that will allow for access to individual faculty studio spaces in the near future for those individual faculty who require access to the building for their creative scholarship. If you have specific questions about your individual work to speak to CFA Research Dean Scott Ireland or our ORI Faculty Fellow Amy Naugle and we will work with you to determine how we can best assess your specific need. As a reminder, current instructions from the state require that any work that can be performed remotely continued should be done remotely and will not be providing ongoing access to offices at this time.

Contact Information:

Email Amy Naugle

Email Scott Irelan

Posted June 11, 2020