Healing is possible

We specialize in helping individuals and families cope when a family member has experienced continual adversity.

About us

The State of Michigan granted the College of Health and Human Services and the Unified Clinics an appropriation of $1.5 million for the development of a Resiliency Center for Families and Children to address the many needs of those experiencing trauma, toxic stress, chronic disability, neurodevelopmental disorders or substance use disorders. An additional $1.5 million has been appropriated but will need to be re-approved by the new legislature after this November's election. 

Resiliency is the ability to recover from traumatic events, adapt to change, and recover following adversity. Research has shown that building resilience in families can ease intergenerational trauma, maximize the potential for recovery of individuals with addiction and generally improve function across the lifespan for children who experience trauma at an early age.