Mission, Vision and Core Values


  • Our Mission is to build a sustainable, interdisciplinary resiliency center that will promote and improve the health and outcomes of individuals and families in the community, while also promoting student education, cutting-edge research, and innovative practice.

  • Our Vision is to become a leader in supporting care for families, children, and communities suffering from trauma-related issues and a national center for the development of research and education regarding trauma-related conditions, while maintaining culturally responsive, transdisciplinary practice, education

  • Core Values - Client-focused and trauma informed - Equitable, inclusive and accessible - Community-engaged and responsive - Evidence-based, interprofessional practice - Interdisciplinary research and innovation - Community health improvement

  • Promises to the Community - Focus on schools and adolescents - Follow up on treatment following assessments - Prioritize interagency coordination and information flow - Ensure patients see racially and culturally matched providers - Focus on intergenerational trauma and bolstering resiliency