Benefits for Faculty and Staff

faculty and professional staff

Service learning:

  • Generates opportunities for research and provides opportunities for publishing, using the growing experiential education pedagogy.
  • Supports professional development by engaging faculty and students in creative and innovative practice.
  • May promote tenure and enhanced funding for service learning designated courses.
  • Engages faculty as both teacher and learner.
  • Increases potential for stronger faculty-student relationships.
  • Increases engaged student participation in class, and increases students’ ability to internalize course material through application of objectives.


Service learning:

  • Cultivates the next generation of talent within southwest Michigan’s region, and continues to grow Western Michigan University as a relevant research-one institution.
  • Builds human capital by expanding and strengthening student experience.
  • Enhances the reputation of the University as an engaged campus, committed to regional support, student growth, and economic development.
  • Builds a reputation for our students as innovative, engaged learners from a full spectrum of disciplines.
  • Meets the University’s mission to provide high-quality education, including a strong focus on experiential education.
  • Provides opportunities for strong partnerships with stakeholders throughout the region.
  • Prepares high-quality graduates who are better prepared to enter the workforce, which serves to entice potential students, both domestic and abroad.
  • Engages the community in mutually supportive endeavors.