Designated Experiences

Western Michigan University recognizes the value of experiences happening all around campus.  WMU Signature allows students to be intentional about selecting meaningful experiences, but those experiences are created by the experts around campus - faculty and staff.  If your college, department or program has an experience you would like to be considered for a designated experience, contact WMU Signature staff.

Navigating ExperienceWMU

Things to Consider

  • Experiences must be added to ExperienceWMU.
  • Attendance of all WMU students must be taken.
  • Including WMU Signature icons on your marketing materials is encouraged.

experience Criteria

  1. It is inclusive of students from all academic backgrounds.
  2. Learning outcomes are specified.
  3. A method for taking attendance is specified. 
  4. It relates to an existing Pathway and aligns with that Pathway’s description (Focus Level experiences ONLY).

Next Steps

  • Following approval, WMU Signature staff will attach any appropriate categories in ExperienceWMU.
  • As a reminder, attendance for all WMU students must be taken at your experience.
  • Icons are available for download to use on marketing materials. Please only use for approved WMU Signature experiences.

Visual Identity

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact WMU Signature staff.