Western Michigan University recognizes that engagement outside of the classroom is essential to student learning and development. To reflect this value, the University created a framework, WMU Signature, for students to intentionally engage on campus and in the community and meaningfully reflect on their experiences. Community members, defined here as anyone who is committed to promoting the success of WMU students, are essential to the WMU Signature Framework.

Get Involved

If you have an opportunity that you would like to advertise to WMU students, you can fill out this form and this opportunity will be shared with our students. WMU Signature is passionate about informing students of opportunities to engage and providing guidance for planning their co-curricular engagement. 

Hire a Bronco!

Students who successfully progress through the levels of WMU Signature will have attained and demonstrated competencies necessary for the transition into the workplace. Some of these competencies include; critical thinking, oral and written communication, and time management.