Advisory Board

The WMU Signature Advisory Board will be responsible for advising the general progress of the program. They will also provide direction to the executive sponsors (the provost and the vice president of student affairs), as well as the director and coordinator of WMU Signature.


Applicant must be a current faculty member, staff member, or student of Western Michigan University. Attendance would be expected at monthly meetings, one and one-half hour in length.  Meeting details available here.


Applicants should bring diverse perspectives from around campus. Position function or other campus involvement should complement the vision, mission and goals of WMU Signature. Applicants should utilize their current access to students in order to promote and improve WMU Signature.

Current Advisory Board Members


Position Member
Ad Hoc Chair Evan Heiser
Ad Hoc Vice Chair Kelly Reed
Registrar representative Carrie Cumming
HLC/IE representative Jody Brylinsky
Academic Affairs representative Tim Palmer
Faculty representative Ariel Anderson
Faculty representative Luchara Wallace
Student Affairs representative Suzie Nagel-Bennett
Staff representative Deveta Gardner
Staff representative Dani Field
Western Student Association representative Vacant
Additional undergraduate student representative Vacant
Graduate Student Association representative Zahra Ameli Renani
Additional graduate student representative Vacant
At Large University representative Andrea Bau
At Large University representative Jane Blyth/Lee Penyak
At Large University representative Alecia Smith 
At Large University representative Marianne DiPierro 
At Large University representative Paulo Zagalo-Melo